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Although the game is played the same, two of the dates were changed.

The possible dates of this edition of the game include the following: In 1999 Hasbro released a slightly different version of the game Mystery Date.

Cut out your board game (use this to get perfectly straight lines)! He actually has a dream to design his own family board game someday…. He had all these different ideas for what we could do. This game is a great way to help you connect with your spouse.

Hence, the poor fit between board games and Valentine’s Day.

While this combination may work for some; for most, expectations favor a different type of experience.

Get ready for a fun and flirty game where you make the rules. Connect in the bedroom in a whole new way…Read on to be inspired!

And, it is the absolute perfect opportunity to try out something new or indulge a little in your favorite bedroom activities.

We have provided an adorable board game designed by Messes to Memories! There are also blank cards we provided to go with the board game.