The adult chatroulette

The blogosphere immediately lambasted the feature–as if the site needed more “skin,” many joked–and criticized Ternovskiy for introducing such a basic upgrade.

“It was just a minor change–it was five minutes of developer work,” Ternovskiy retorts.

“They made a joke of it–the idea was that Chatroulette sucks, you know, but I like it.

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Ternovskiy still believes he can reclaim Chatroulette’s prominence and VC interest.

To do so, he’s worked tirelessly to sanitize its image.

I think I would accept the offers now, because I’m much more educated about it.

But I’m not sure things would be better if I took the offers back then–I think traffic would’ve gone down anyway after the investment.” But the Moscow-born, high-school dropout isn’t dwelling on the millions of dollars he might’ve lost.

Of the roughly 500,000 visitors Chatroulette receives daily, about 10% are males itching to show their business. “Everyday, about 50,000 new men are trying to get naked,” he says.