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It now operates like the upcoming 2012 B class interface. v=6o6e M4Rv V8k Good to see that Mercedes is slowly improving their interface. There are a lot more options than the original '08 firmware/software. One was the navigation, one was stereo and one was COMAND. I said that I can have it turned up to a nice level, and when I get back in it is low.Now if only they update their internet connection to support wifi and PUN. Received a call today, told them that there is a "volume issue, sound is really low, ad doesn't get louder, and is intermittent." They scheduled me for an appointment tomorrow to reflash the COMAND firmware. So I am now given the upcoming exits, and the POI at those exits. I also said that it happens with CD's and the music register.I wonder if anyone here is interested in doing another group buy. So you can get the free Navigation update as long as it's before the factory warranty runs out (I believe it's 4yrs/50k miles on my 09 C300)?

Dealer found no known fix but flashed the firmware and their test reported that it had fixed the problem.

After I got the car back I realized the audio system only brings the volume to the same level when I play MP3's off a USB flash drive.

I cant remember if it allowed the unloading of disc 1 or loading of the second disc into an empty slot.

Either way I managed to get the second disc in and the updating sequence complete.

(for best effect, say it in your best 'Special Ed' from Crank Yankers voice) Changes: Analog clock displays in System menu; time continues to show on NAVI full-screen; in NAVI Bird-eye mode, the sky color for day and night have been updated (color gradient in day mode, stars in night mode); in AUX mode, addition of a Volume menu with two options: Standard and Boost; maybe it's my eyes, but the MB boot-up logo looks a little different too (nice different). From reading other threads, I knew that A2DP / bluetooth streaming wasn't going to happen, but I was still hoping. Checked the engineering menu as well, but HU Parameters still doesn't show BT Audio (like it does for our friends in the E-Class). If interested, I can put up some pictures of the post-update COMAND.

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