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:) Lol i just wanted to point out that whoever keeps saying Shun Oguri looks girly obviously doesnt know of many famous young asian guys.

I always thought he looked more like a guy than other celebrities from either SK, Japan, Taiwan or HK. When a league begs me to see your movies and dramas here in Dubai, I say it’s fantabulous!

Good looking with perfect height , deep voice and perfect acting !!! I firstly saw him in Gokusen and he didn't really catch my attention. Please revised, what a shame if his achievements don't find a light... When he portrayed as Shinichi Kudo in Meitantei Conan, I can't stop giggling and also from Hana Yori Dango, Binbo Danshi and Gokusen 1. you become one with the character you portray and so we think you are Sano or Rui. you can sense love, pain, anger, and joy just by looking at your eyes. without any dialogues or body gestures, an actor must be able to say a million words just by the expression of his eyes, and i see that in you.

Then I saw Hana Yori Dango and honestly I didn 't like it, but I guess it's because I don't really like shoujo stuff. i wish i may say the same about your directorial debut. i will soon give myself the time to watch them and maybe send you another message about it.

Watched "Surely Someday" at this year's Pi Fan (Puchon International Film Festival). CROWS ZERO is the first movie that i like very much....... I LIKE SHUN OGURI AND I ALSO LIKE YOUR FRIEND TAKAYUKI YAMADA... Oguri-sama, I want to see you, want to see you in my life, thought once, bu T i will happy.. I'm the big fans of you, i will support to you, hahaha.. A cutie, brings tickle on an aged hidden childhood memoir ( Hanakimi& Hanayori). Albeit your busy building up your empire career hopes that you could take time to at least have a glare on Middles east (particularly Dubai) and experience authentic Arabian adventure..