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Bernice Burgos is the talk on social media this morning after her almost hour long interview with Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club.” Find out what she said about her relationships with T. & Drake, how she tried to check Angela Yee and the work she has had done on her body when you go inside... I., her social media drama with Tiny Harris, and more. have never been in a relationship and they never “kicked it.” Weren't they spotted on vacay together though? If I look good, just be like that girl looks good.” Cool, as long as said surgically enhanced women stop attacking the looks of women who are not.

and the Harris clan live it up on vacation, Bernice Burgos is speaking out on her “situationship” with T.

I get it.” In terms of public pressure to get back together, the Xscape singer says she and her hubby are moving at their own pace.

“I don’t think I feel pressure, I think that whatever it’s going to be is whatever it’s going to be. If we feel like we can deal with each other’s craziness and still move forward and be better for us and our kids then that’s what it’s gonna be.” She adds, “In reality what is ever perfect?

Apparently, Bernice took an issue with radio host Angela Yee when they interviewed La La last week.