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"He's been absolutely remorseful for a very, very long period of time," he said.The jury did not hear some evidence that was brought up during Dickson's bail hearing in January 2012. Frank Skubic testified that Dickson had no criminal record, but that he had criminal charges withdrawn on three prior occasions.After spending several hours at a restaurant he came home went down to the laundry room, which was just outside Liu's bedroom, and transferred some clothes from the washing machine to the dryer, Dickson said.

An earring was missing from one ear, her nightgown was rolled up to her chest and her underwear and tights were in the corner of the room.

Semen was found on her thigh and groin and a bodily fluid likely either semen or saliva was on her breasts.

A second forensic pathologist definitively concluded it was mechanical asphyxiation. A very, very tragic case," Nuttall said after the verdict. The jury struggled with it, the jury made their decision and they made their decision of first-degree murder," said Nuttall. "We are still very sad," the slain woman’s father, Jian Hui Liu said through a translator.

His wife clutched a picture of their daughter and cried silently.

Blood — matched to a similarly high probability to Liu — was also found on a blue T-shirt belonging to Dickson.