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Then, here's the important part, click on part 2 of the mod and install it, when asked if you would like to "update" the mod, pick "NO" and then continue install the mod Manual install require you do download both parts manually.

steam updating toad-47

On November 3, 1827, the act was issued separating land for the city and the pier, and the construction of a large marina began.

1827 is officially considered the year of foundation of Berdyansk (the 180th anniversary of the city took place in 2007).

It is recommended that you download the UFO - Ultimate follower overhaul mod since it has a "you could dress better" command that allows you to remove the follower's default outfit, so you can just remove that and give them a mage robe from this mod and they will wear it. BBP never really interest me much because I generally see my character from the back, not the front.

A: To make the character skin to look like my character in the screen shots, you need:1) someting to make the skin shiny (edit the femalebody_s.dds, femalehead.dds, and files in textures/actors/characters/female - just increase the brightness by about 20) OR search for glosstech - however both of these will make the skin looks "metallic" and not "wet" - so you'll need....2) an ENB file - ANY ENB would do but you need to go to:[ENVIRONMENT] section in and find these lines and change them accordingly(these are the settings I use - the higher the number the more "wet" it will look - just play around with the numbers and see what works for you. I am only interested in the UNP body at the moment. I didn't bother with BBP back in Oblivion, so it won't be any different here.

Then launch Skyrim once with the Skyrim launcher so the game will recognize and activate the mod.