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if not default) e) MOVE Steamapps folder and replace the new one f) VERIFY each game in Steam prior to launching. I'm not aware of any games with saves in the Steam main folder that you delete but I suppose it's possible (most are in Documents or a hidden folder in Windows). I typed it out poorly, I actually reinstalled steam before you even made the suggestion to uninstall it in the first place.

When I said I had to delete a file for it to launch, I was talking about Fallout 4. Do my games still get queued when they're downloading? Games that tend to take up over 1GB will get queued if I have my internet browser or skype open, whereas games under that range don't. Well, there's no "solution" so far, only a workaround.

Wait, I just read this:https:// article made it sound like Fallout 4 doesn't update to this version automatically, you specifically have to select it in Steam menus. I'm not running F4SE or any mods at the moment, but still don't want to update to this version if I don't have to.

When I came back and turned it on Steam turn auto updates back on and installed and messed my s**** all up.

I'm waiting to update till a new F4SE comes out and any info if these preloaded mods can be deleted without causing issues.