Speed dating philippines october 2016

All single men and women within the age range of 23 – 35 years are invited.

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a lot of couples are now planning their activities.

Photos of couples and articles about “love” will start to invade our news feed.

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Red roses and chocolates will once again proliferate malls and cut-out heart shapes will be seen everywhere.

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    It's as though my high school boyfriend cheated on me, begged my forgiveness, and I made him stand up on the cafeteria table and admit to everyone that he had been an asshole, you know?

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    In grade school, he says he was taunted relentlessly by the other kids.

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    We’ve seen countless straight women with their gay best friends, but never quite like this. “Back off bitch, get your own gay husband,” Lainey interjects.