Speed dating in real time

The programs come in response to the country's population woes.Due primarily to younger generations losing interest in getting married and starting families, the population has actually shrunk by more than 1 million since 2010.

Recent research indicates that approximately 25% of the healthy human population carries the bacteria for life, primarily in their nostrils, with another 25% carrying it intermittently.

It is a textbook commensalistic relationship: the bacteria gets a great living situation, and we, the hosts, are otherwise undisturbed. If the carrier becomes immunosuppressed, or requires major surgery, then he/she is at a much higher risk of infection—and the treatment of toxic shock brought on by infections of S. Fortunately, progress has been made: a 13% decrease in MRSA blood infections was noted between 20.

And while courtesy is always appreciated, after that 7 minutes you get to move on to the next.

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A number of countries with dwindling populations desperately want their citizens to have more sex, but Japan is going the extra mile.