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Another way to meet people is through Couch Surfing Meet Ups that are usually held at a bar in most major European cities.

Couch Surfing Meet Ups are hosted by active members of the CS community as a way for locals, expats and travelers to meet and mingle.

sex and hooking up while traveling around Europe is a major part of the “European experience.” It shouldn’t be surprising — what do you think is going to happen when you take a bunch of twentysomethings and put them in the world’s most romantic and mysterious cities. This guide will cover everything from the culture of hooking up while traveling to the fine art of hostel sex. If you’re traveling on a budget then there is a good chance you’ll be staying in a hostel — which is great because it’s a super easy way to meet fellow travelers. It sucks because private rooms in hostels are relatively expensive but it’s the best way to ensure privacy.

As mentioned before, staying in hostels is the easiest way to met fellow travelers.

The inherent communal nature of hostels means you have a built-in network of instant and like-minded friends who are all looking to have a good time.

Most people are out of the hostel during the mid-day — but this is when a lot of hostels are getting cleaned.

After dinner can also be a good time since most people are out and won’t be heading back until after 9pm. If you’re looking to hook up then you should search for hostels that have a reputation as a party hostels.

And since you’re meeting with locals, you don’t have to plan anything because they know the best spots to visit.