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Current thread about asking a person their HIV/STI's status and that has me wondering if you know any straight males who contacted HIV/Aids thru sex.

I know it's not something a man is willing to admit out in the open but I've only known one male who had aids and he was gay.

Maybe I am just one of the lucky percentage of people that really found "the one" and can't see anyone else as attractive.

I wouldn't say I will never be attracted to another man, but my marriage and commitment means more. Everyone has experienced this dilemma some time in their lives.

To the OP, I would say that if you feel you need to limit contact with other men so that you are not finding something more appealing about them then your husband, and you value your marriage, you need to figure out why they are so much more appealing and see if you can't find what made you that excited about you husband in the first place. Basically, you limit the contact you have with that person and don't encourage your feelings or theirs and building up your self-control.