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the entire property may be subject to testamentary succession or intestate succession if there is no will.

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if an earlier order is present, the later orders would not inherit) in orders : • Father (whole in the absence of anybody in class I) • Son’s daughter’s son; son’s daughter’s daughter, Brother, Sister ( all in equal proportion) • Daughter’s son’s son, daughter’s son’s daughter, daughter’s daughter’s son, daughter’s daughter’s daughter (equally) • Brother’s son, brother’s daughter, sister’s son and sister’s daughter • Father’s father, Father’s mother (equally) • Father’s widow, brother’s widow • Father’s brother, Father’s sister • Mother’s father, mother’s mother • Mother’s brother, mother’s sister If the deceased is a female Hindu dying intestate: A: Sons (1 share each), Daughters (1 share each), husband (1 share), son and daughter of predeceased son (equally together 1 share), son and daughter of predeceased daughter (equally together I share).

B: Heirs of Husband Entry C: Father and Mother Entry D: Father’ shier E: Heir’s of the mother If the deceased is a Muslim: Muslim communities in India predominantly follow Hanafi law, but in some locations follow Shia law.

The share of each heir must be ascertained based on individual cases.

If the deceased is a Christian or married under the Special Marriage Act (for inter-religious marriage): Where lineal descendant is present: Widow / widower – 1/3 of the property Lineal descendants – equally to share 2/3.

n Application of Inheritance Laws in India No uniform codified inheritance laws apply in India.