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They could also be a lot younger/cuter than they were IRL as long as their voice was cute.

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Women customers were given free or nearly so access.

They could be as raunchy or flirtatious as they wanted with total anonymity.

Just like the regulars down at the coffee house chewing the fat on a Tuesday night, or the regulars down at the corner bar yakking while nursing a Bud.

When I was a teen, in the late 90s (when everyone was still new to AOL) one girl from my class got hooked on these lines.

Not sure if this is the right forum - this might end up being more IMHO. Seems like it's going to be all dudes, or something, based on how they advertise (generally women in bikinis, from what I see here in Cleveland). Is that not why we have bars (and/or the internet)?