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In the meeting, the Beijing Cyberspace Administration told the internet companies that a new cyber security law that came into effect on June 1 requires websites to not harm the reputation or privacy of individuals, it said.Companies must collect and record data on any site or account that breaks the cyber security laws and report it to authorities, they said.The Cyberspace Administration of China in May released regulations for online news portals and network providers, which extended restrictions on content and required all services to be managed by party-sanctioned editorial staff.

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“Now it seems the entertainment crowd can brazenly and shamelessly go about their shady business, the only one who could keep them in check has been blocked,” one Weibo user said of “China’s Number One Paparazzi” Zhou Wei, an account that had more than 7 million viewers.

Details of some of the girls are found on the internet (you know, that famous 141 place).

Most of the 100's of surviving saunas that used to offer FS, now offer BBBJCIM instead. Not sure if any hotel saunas offer extras off any kind.

It is a pity that few members report on sauna action.

Today I checked out this place since reading Jack Cool FR. Have to look properly as there is only 1 door open covered by 2 shutters.