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Akil Houston a cultural and media studies scholar in Ohio University's African American Studies Department."However, when a white woman adopts similar styles or the same, they are celebrated by mainstream culture in ways that black women are not." Dreadlocks are considered dirty, until they show up on white models on Marc Jacobs's runway.

Or, cornrows are associated with criminals, until Kylie Jenner posts hers on Instagram.

"Marginalized cultures serve as the repository for mainstream culture," Houston explains.

Here are 15 recent examples from the beauty world to get us started.

Selena performed a Bollywood-inspired song at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards wearing a bindi.

"Just like you would credit the original author of a written piece or music composition, one should credit a culture whose work serves as an inspiration or canvas from which one draws on." In addition to giving credit, one should also avoid perpetuating blatant stereotypes, which can do harm to members of a marginalized group.