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A faculty member shall receive compensation while on sabbatical leave, but such compensation, when combined with outside compensation earned while on leave, shall not exceed the full compensation normally received from the system. The faculty member taking a sabbatical leave shall agree to return to the institution from which leave was granted for at least one year after the termination of the sabbatical or return any compensation received from the system during the sabbatical. The board may enter into new salary reduction agreements with its employees pursuant to section 403 (b) of the internal revenue code or other applicable federal law and may purchase annuities for its employees pursuant to these agreements from such annuity providers, both public and private, as the board deems appropriate.

Moneys collected must be paid into the general fund.

A student court can be designated by the board of regents as an auxiliary enterprise. The University of Wisconsin System may sell a dormitory that no longer is needed for educational purposes upon terms that are agreeable to the Wisconsin state agencies building corporation and H.

She plays an active role in not only training our many summer interns, but also making them feel welcome,” Pichotta said. Nadia May, 18, Abrams, crossed center line, left the road and struck a tree, suspected minor injury, a.m.

“She takes the time to welcome and support all new employees including myself, even though that is not her official responsibility. Burglary — reported in the 14000 block of County Road T, Doty, p.m.

The Board of Regents has the power to make reasonable rules governing student use of automobiles on university property and can enforce them by imposing reasonable monetary penalties and withholding records. to guarantee the payment of the bonds issued for the initial construction of the building.