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When it was publicly learned that Brown had renounced his mistress and their children in his will, public opinion turned against him. MA) offered an attractive 28- year-old secretary, Mary Jo Kopechne, a ride home from a barbecue party.

Anne Bradley later opened a antique store in Salt Lake City, and lived to 77 years of age (1950). Details of what they were doing and the accident that followed have never been fully explained.

Later, when a dead body was found in his apartment, of a man who had overdosed on drugs, Richmond ended up serving nine months behind bars. He said he was making these disclosures to clear his conscience. Three months later, Hinson was arrested in a restroom of a House office building for engaging in oral sodomy with a male employee of the Library of Congress. Bauman tried but failed to use his alcoholism as the explanation for his homosexual behavior, and his conservative colleagues disowned him.

Hinson, a married man and "family values" conservative, resigned his seat on April 13, 1981. He was defeated in his reelection bid -- not for being gay, but rather for his hypocrisy, for he had promoted family values and attacked gays. The account drew instant national attention for it detailed the infidelities and extramarital affairs of her husband.

He was charged with leaving the scene of the accident, and went on national television and described his failure to report as “indefensible.” He said he would not run for president in 1972, but has been consistently reelected to the U. Mills was reelected in 1974, and a few weeks later appeared on a Boston stage in pursuit of Mrs.