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Larson described it as a place of “high degree of intolerance for difference”, which implied that anyone who was gender non-conforming, cross-dressing, homophobic, bisexual, or not strictly a male or female would be a malicious target (Eileraas).Another Sheriff, Charles Laux, who took the oral report from Brandon after John Lotter and Tom Nissen had assaulted and raped him, described Brandon as a “depraved, pathological, and dehumanized ‘other’” (Eileraas).

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The authorities also treated Brandon poorly by asking him crude and unnecessary questions.

Instead of interviewing Brandon, Sheriff Laux’s questions probed Brandon’s gender identity by asking why Brandon interacted more with females than males.

Brandon Teena seemed to be gender non-conforming in more than one way.

For one, despite being born a female, he seemed to describe himself as a hermaphrodite: an individual with both male and female reproductive organs.

Laux failed to arrest Lotter and Nissen even though both were suspects because Laux didn’t trust Brandon since he lied to everyone about his gender.