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Patrick's in Dublin.(2) That he was aware of these adversaries is shown in his poem "The Author upon Himself" written in 1713: "By an old red-Pate murd'ring Hag pusu'd A Crazy Prelate, and a Royal Prude, (3) By dull Divines, who look with envious Eyes, On ev'ry Genius that attempts to rise; And pausing o'er a Pipe, with doubtful Nod Give Hints, that Poets ne'er believe in God.

While in London, and with Stella in Dublin, Swift met another Esther - Esther Van Homrigh - who was intelligent, attractive and wealthy.

Vanessa was the name Swift coined for her but again the relationship was of an impermanent nature and the failure to become an English bishop required Swift to return to Dublin, a Deanery and the loyal friendship of Stella.

Although he had been a supporter of the Whigs at Moor Park, as he progressed as a political satirist he became a Tory and as a pamphleteer exerted effective pressure for many feared his barbed pen.

In 1711 the Whig government fell, in no small measure due to Swift's attacks especially on The Duke of Marlborough.

It would appear that he was keen to marry Esther, to whom he wrote his "Journal to Stella", but it would seem that he did not do so although she remained a faithful and frustrated admirer.