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So will a prince or a princess save everyone from the Night King this time? You could see how Aegon the Conqueror took the seven kingdoms atop that beast.

In this humble Westerosi correspondent's opinion: How's our other Queen doing this week Dan? But Cersei and her Hand aptly pointed out that dragons, however fierce, can still be stopped.

DAN: I like to think that Arya's "that's not you" quip was meant not just for Nymeria, but as a reflection on herself.

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I have a hard time imagining that she'll turn her back on that just for a cosy reunion at Winterfell …

perhaps she's done a 180 and gone back south to King's Landing after all?

And sticking with King's Landing, how much does Lord Tarly fancy being Warden Of The South? I can see him playing the role the Lannisters played during Robert's Rebellion.