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Cloud App2 – Using this application, you set a start page through the standard i Phone/i Pod/i Pad settings menu and configure the full-screen experience the way you want it to look.Status bar visible or not, disable pinch to zoom or not, enable rotation or not, you decide.

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When the device is put flat on the table a bubble view will fade in.

The background color and bubble mode color can be set individually (free for a limited time).

I have to say, especially for TV (and cable tv, no less), that the discussion was equal and measured. A few thoughts of mine: (1) Too many treatment programs rely too much on the 12-Step Model.

(4) I agree that AA’s strongest aspect is the power of the group.

Manjam founder Mitch Munro says “In some countries being caught with a gay dating app installed on a mobile device could mean the difference between life and death.