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You can use the word ‘anal’ but then you have to qualify it by making sure what Peter means is you know, ‘Lois, when we get home tonight I get anal.

I swear to god, as clean as I want the house you have to do it!

’ You have to make sure there’s an alternate meaning that can be explained if the question arises.” “When I was 22 and I started FAMILY GUY, I go in there and I could record for eight hours and I’d be fine.

Now, it’s like, crap I have to warm up, I have to do all this stuff to make sure you know, Quagmire doesn’t render me horse ten minutes into the session.” “I’m fascinated by things that scare me in entertainment, I’m fascinated by things I haven’t done, by things I could conceivably fail at…

Look there are things I would never do – bungee jumping, skydiving, you could not pay me a billion dollars.