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So are we do this sort of thing in remedial almost every issue (our first remedial of the year was 2 pages of why we hate Tom Kaplan, we don’t actually hate him, he didn’t mind at all).

We’ll also be the first to admit that we have no credibility criticizing publications when we’re clearly the worst run organization on campus and haven’t so much as written a real article all year. well, we’d rather post about stuff like that than do it ourselves. All that aside, our evil twin Yale tabloiders, we stand by what we said in that personal, complimentary email we wrote you – which you mockingly reprinted, without our permission: we love you.

We’re proud of our dubious award; thanks for the publicity.

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They might cry to you about a high school sweetheart, take a piss in the middle of State Street or even puke on you at some point.