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A university study shows that the ability to understand sarcasm depends on a carefully orchestrated sequence of complex cognitive skills in specific parts of the brain.

the electrical activity of the brains of test subjects exposed to sarcastic statements have found that brains have to work harder to understand sarcasm.

On the other hand, responding with “No, only every other girl” will show your confidence, wit, and sense of humor, and this will inevitably turn into flirting, unless of course, the girl doesn’t have sufficient confidence or self-esteem to handle it.

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We’re only this sarcastic because we have mad layers of depth and feelings, and because we’re damn smart our brains will explode if we don’t constantly exercise it. Since hitting people is frowned upon, sarcasm is our selected shield.

We’re actually overly sensitive and affectionate underneath all that irony. You’ll always have a private joke with us when dealing with idiots or aggravating situations, and our annoyance and frustration will be cleverly and humorously disguised with sarcasm. Maybe it’s from all those years of exercising our brains with our irony.

That means we’ll totally work out your brain, Chin describes active sarcasm use as a means of “mental exercise.? But if you already like us then you probably understand our satirical humor and you'll never be bored. We like to play around not because we dislike people, but because we want to eliminate barriers between people.

Just like training your muscles, if you do 50 push-ups a day, over time, your arms are bound to be toned, sarcasm as a form of “mental exercise,? functions much the same way, leaving your brain toned, too. Mastering sarcasm also gives us the ability to insult stupid people without them realizing it.

As Richard Chin of Smithsonian Magazine , sarcasm requires a series of “mental gymnastics.?