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If you’re looking to land a part in one of the hottest shows on Broadway, knowing the composer helps. purely on Sara’s recommendation,” Jason Mraz told Broadway Direct of his new role in “Waitress,” which features music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles. 3 debut, the “I’m Yours” singer, 40, said he’s ready to hit the stage, but has some pre-show jitters.

“I’m feeling very excited, very honored, and occasionally a little nervous,” he said.

This is something I can do, and do proudly.” Mraz will fill the role of Dr.

Pomatter for 10 weeks at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre.

Later on, somebody was like, “You all are women” and we all kind of went, “Oh yeah! I think ultimately what makes it so satisfying, hopefully, for an audience, and what's fun about doing it, is it’s not fluffed up, or perfect.

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    "My first husband cheated on me with a childhood friend," says Diane* from New York City.

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    The apology was attached to an email distributed to the Osgoode community by law school dean Lorne Sossin who said they've been told the officer "is being disciplined and will be provided with further professional training." We are tired of being oppressed by slut-shaming; of being judged by our sexuality and feeling unsafe as a result.

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    More recently George was invited as a guest speaker at the 2011 Amsterdam Dance Event.

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