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I've taken mine phone snorkelling, takes awesome video quality btw. The first time I took it I didn't close the usb flap properly water got inside so I couldn't charge it but the next day it's working fine. thannkyou Also, is there a hack that allows me to store more than 3 fingerprints? If it is water proof how so with the ear phone port wide open?

The only thing I can say it takes a couple of hours for it to dry up. The telstra software upgrade 273.34 MB – Improve stability. I only need 3 fingerrs but I need scans from different angles for 2 of my fingers so I really need to add 2 more finger profiles One more thing, is the phone actually 'water proof'? I need a new phone, I currently own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I don't want to be on a contracted plan for 12-24 months, I do not know which model of S5 to purchase or how to tell which model I am purchasing; - Which model do most Australia retailers stock? - I've noticed on Kogan there is a Dual core SM-900H model but this only operates up to 3G? -Are there different internal storage sizes for the S5 4G variants that range between 16GB up to 64GB?

I use a Telstra sim card which come out my Telstra Samsung S4 and it works fine, The firmware is signed as been from UAE. I suspect one of the problems is going to be the last phone that Samsung updates to Lolipop in order of priorities. As you say, it's a good phone, it's just a pity Sammy thinks it's designing the interface for preschoolers. Not that I know of without resorting to a custom rom.

AFAIK The 900F is the Samsung international version. Like, the icon to send an sms after message composition is orange *pukes* not sure what mentally derranged individual came up with the the interface colours but they need psychiatric help.. Last time I looked there were a couple of aosp roms but in my experience with Samsung: Custom aosp Rom = Camera Problems.

Workaround for me is to stick the phone under really bright light and it starts working again. I had 3 Bluetooth connections running at the same time with no issue. HTC A700 audio receiver ( for streaming music to AUX port in truck)2. Gray Market units come with warranty from the vendor himself not from Samsung. Westpac's latest app includes Tap & Pay functionality, however this doesn't work on my S5 (Asian version, current build KOT49H. This is because we have been advised by Samsung that in certain overseas markets, the hardware requirements are unique to that market, and are not enabled to support the Pay functionality in Australia.