Sample of intimidating lettersfrom attorneys

The Sevastopol School Board chose not to do a superintendent evaluation for 2016.“The board did not do the traditional superintendent evaluation this year, because we typically do that in the January-February timeframe and that is when all of this situation erupted,” board President Sue Todey said.

“We did not feel that the traditional evaluation that we had been doing, we didn’t feel that would be meaningful with all the disruptions, all the drama that was going on with the district.”The board held an “inquiry” into the allegations against Underwood, Todey said.

Information is presented to set a narrative rather than a balanced analysis of multiple points of view on educational topics.”Communication was with constituents was seen as Underwood’s “greatest challenge.” She is praised for her “positive relations with external stakeholders while is considered unapproachable by many internal stakeholders (parents, teachers).”She is also praised for promoting a positive image of the school district.

She said she does not believe this letter had anything to do with her resignation.“I think I became a lightning rod and there were people in the community who were not going to let the board move on as long as I was superintendent,” she said.

As per what was described as a retirement agreement with the district, Underwood will be paid and be able to use vacation time through the end of her contract June 30, 2017.

“Our difference especially in terms of spending, test scores and student experience at school is often what residents praise about the district and give reason to support referendums.”The evaluator does say Underwood should reach out to the community more and promote the district.

In 2014 Underwood is asked to bring back the Friday updates to the board, praised on the annual meeting and her preparedness in a number of areas.

In 2015 Underwood was again praised for keeping board members well informed on district matters.