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It is often very successful at getting students engaged-especially when they have received a great deal of abstract information that they need to translate into real-life situations. It can be somewhat confusing to figure out how to group the students, but if you have the patience to try it, it can be an excellent resource when you need to convey a lot of information in a small amount of time: 1. A quiet student might result from a variety of factors: shyness, boredom, comprehension difficulty, fatigue, introspectiveness or any number of affective disturbances.

Here is a checklist on how to create the most effective collaborative activities (adapted from Bassano, S., & Christison, M. Is the activity highly structured physically, spatially, and temporally? Choose a project that will be challenging, yet not too difficult, for the students.

It will succeed if it is interesting to the students-especially if it has direct relation to their own lives. Either assign each member a key role in the project or let them assume a role (e.g., one scribe, one data collector, one mathematician, one theoretician…).

Your responsibility as an instructor is to do what you can to create an environment in which the students can learn together.

Research has shown that students learn best in a classroom where they feel free to express their ideas, they feel needed, and they feel comfortable with their peers.

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