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Simultaneously, Bernie and Joan go through an acrimonious split, jeopardizing the harmony of the quartet’s social interactions.

But even without their buddies testing their loyalty and undermining their confidence, Danny and Debbie begin to succumb to the pressure of a committed relationship, and soon find themselves wondering – together and individually — if they are truly meant to be together.

Also read: Romany Malco Cast in Kevin Hart’s ABC Comedy Pilot Meanwhile, Ealy and Bryant are solid as the “serious” lovers to whom all of the meat-and-potatoes relationship problems occur.

But when Headland’s screenplay veers into, well, movie territory — such as when Danny “chivalrously” brings home his troublesome ex (Paula Patton) to sleep off her drunkenness on the one night when Debbie is out of town — the performers seem slightly lost, as if in shock that the film temporarily abandoned its intelligence and subtlety in favor of the sort of boringly obvious rom-com conflict that hack screenwriters concoct when their story stalls.

“About Last Night” is a romantic comedy so good that you bristle less at the characters’ problems than at the screenplay’s indulgence of clichés.