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Tiffany’s parents and older brother run Everville’s diner, but the Cheungs are both fixtures and alien.

Tiffany did not endear herself to peers when she skipped grades.

Tiffany’s years in New York have left her with chic clothes and shiny hair.

Chris is terribly hunky, what with all the hay-bale lifting and the righteous musk of organic farming that clings lovingly to his broad-shouldered frame. “I don’t want to make fried rice for a hundred people with good rice. “Mom gum dai seng-ah.” The scene is tense, but Essex gives it more layers by hewing to Daniel’s point of view.

Annie, with a fiancé and an expensive wedding to think of, is also aware of how she seems: “Only pathetic virgins and desperate teen boys fell in love with the person—or in this case, the unearthly angel of beauty and cardiovascular fitness—who’d popped their cherry.” Both acknowledge the difficult beginning to their relationship.