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So realistically, how can you possibly know someone well enough after just a few months to make the decision to spend the rest of your life with them?

(And not necessarily, but especially if in your religion/culture divorce isn’t much of an option?

The United States Supreme Court has granted review of the Sixth Circuit’s decision upholding the challenge by The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality by Any Means Necessary (BAMN) to Michigan’s anti-affirmative action ballot proposal.


I can come up with a bunch more examples, but extremes might include addictions (shopping, gambling, alcohol, etc.) and especially physical abuse.

I’ve heard too many stories of domestic abuse, so one of my fears for these people who go from short dating to marriage are that they might get themselves into a dangerous situation and not have a way out.

Change your photos whenever you like, you can add your birthdate, weight, height. You can make yourself appear and disappear on the map.

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How is it possible that we, the human race, haven’t figured out dating by now?

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    While your mother may call you picky, we call you self-aware.

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    This was spelt out to the Princess at Windsor Castle on October 23.

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    Highly personalised to suit one’s likes and preferences, the app can also be adjusted as per the lifestyle that one chooses to follow.

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