Psychological benefits of online dating

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There was little variation on the sites used across the age groups, with Facebook being the primary online social networking site across all ages.

There was a decrease in the number of online friends with increasing age, with those aged below 30 reporting an average 263 friends, those aged 31 to 50 reporting an average 206 friends, and those over 50 having an average of 92 friends (the average overall was reported as 205 friends).

However, negatives are evident (Cross et al., 2009), with much media attention focused on the ‘dangers’ of online social networking such as bullying and inappropriate use of personal information.

The 2010 National Psychology Week (NPW) research project sought to explore the social and psychological impact of online social networking in Australian adults with a focus on: This article presents the findings of the research project, which generated a large amount of attention during this year’s National Psychology Week.

There is no doubt that young people are often more eager about embracing new technologies than adults and become highly skilled very quickly.