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Mike Tuchscherer – Mike is around 5’9 265lbs of brick sh! Mike is far from overweight; he carries a ton of muscle on his frame and is super strong.

He has broken world records all while keeping himself built pretty well and no huge gut.

Let’s say you normally compete at a weight class of 93kg but for this next meet you wanted to drop down to the 83kg class.

You would have to drop roughly 20lbs; this would change your leverages completely.

A couple of years back I decided to finally “forget about keeping my abs” and bulk myself up. I felt sick all the time trying to shove food constantly down my throat and I remember one day walking up stairs and feeling out of breath!

I normally sit around 185-190lbs, within a couple of week’s time I bulked up to 217lbs eating roughly 5,500 calories per day. Extra fat does nothing but sit on your frame, which adds pressure to your joints. I did add some muscle to my frame but not much more than if I would have bulking up slowly.

Fat can actually be good for a powerlifter because having bodyfat can change your leverages.

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