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they could just exit for their soul mate schmoopie, find another hypotenuse, and have the joys of undiscovered cake again.

Surely, you must know that the Most Important Thing Is Their Happiness?

As Ashley told me her story, I flashed back to July of 2008.

One day you’re living in what you thought was a secure reality with this person, the next day they’re gone without explanation.

As someone who got operatic remorse, crocodile tears, and a stalking freakazoid who wouldn’t leave me alone, I want to be flippant and tell you guys you got the better end of the deal — the cheater who just left. Seriously, all you people who were abandoned, I want you to reframe this. They sensed your strength, and being the lazy, cheating fucks that they are, they needed an easier source of kibbles. I can see how you would take it as you didn’t mean anything to them. They knew that they couldn’t keep extracting value from you with the same ease.

Because of the way I was raised, I have a very difficult time not giving other people what they want, emotionally, even when it’s not right for me. Even though I knew I loved the first woman, I felt that I must be doing something wrong.

What’s worse is that she begged me to change my mind.

There was another woman who I’d had a very odd relationship with before I let myself meet and date the first woman.