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** A: TFC (Team Fortress Classic) was the first game he played, and he played in Snipers Only lobbies since his computer couldn't handle the Rocket lobbies nor Counter Strike. **Q: What Counter Strike teams did Summit play for/play in (from oldest - newest)? v=va_CJgga UYY) **Q: Did Jaryd work before doing livestreaming as a Full Time job? He never signed a contract stating that he was given equity. ------------------ ##FAQ - Vehicles: - Ford Ranger (2005) - Current (I think) - Nissan GTR (2015) - He owned this car for a few months, then traded it in for the Nismo version.

Later, he then upgraded his computer to play Counter Strike. ** A: - Exertus e Sports - Stay Shady (ESEA Open) - Tempo Gaming (CEVO) - Area 51 Gaming (ESEA/CEVO Open) - Adaptation (N/A) - Tectonic (CEVO) - Splyce (Stand-in | x2 - 1: [Dreamhack Austin 2016]( Hack/2016/Austin#Results)) - Torqued (Stand-in | x1) - Potato Streamers (ESEA Open) - Nobel (Scrim - Stand-in | x1: [Match #1](https://net/index.php? ** A: He started on own3d, his first viewers where his friend friends watched him. ** A: own3d on 6/16/12 & Twitch on 6/26/12 [(Way Back Machine link (click here))]( ** A: Yes, he worked at "Time Warner Cable" as a call representative. ** A: When he lived in California, he worked at [Howie's Game Shack]( and for his first job that he had, he worked at Party City (He's been working since the age of 19 - 25). - Honda Accord (2014) - Sold - Nissan GTR Nismo (2016) - Current ------------------ ##FAQ - Livestream: **Q: If I missed one of Summit's livestreams what the best way to watch the VOD?

Don't except this to get updated every time he changes it.) Q: Where is the video of Summit getting the $20k in donations? v=4w Y03K7Lrb M Q: Where is the video of Summit getting the $41k in donations? v=Bhf0HIXUc PU Q: Where is the video where Step Dad1G plays video games? v=d ZLqi GM3jak Q: Where is the video where Summit cuts off all of his hair? v=XZXJf Ty Xca E Q: Where is the video where Summit taking shots for reaching the 500 sub-combo? v=VU0d_d Vw_LU Q: Where is the video where Summit gives away his Bayonet Fade knife? v=UZFQWKEPag8 Q: Where is the video where Summit Fist Pumps? Summit put "1G" in his name because its an old Counter Strike club (named '1st Generation') that was accidentally implemented into the stream as a joke, he never joined the club, but he knew the owner of the club. ** A: Download - 120 Mb/s, and Upload - 25 Mb/s **Q: Did Summit really go bald? ** A: Jaryd had shared ad revenue at one point for a few months in CS: GO Fighter.

**Q: How long has Summit been playing Counter Strike for? **Q: How did Summit's parents feel about him playing Video Games? v=l YYHqc QTSv A **Q: What was Summit's first game that he played? ** A: 5'6” **Q: Who is this Desirae people speak of** A: [Desirae]( is [Jaryd's ex-wife, she's still the manager for him (they ended on good terms and there still friends).](https:// ** A: Yes, Summit shaved his head on March 9th, 2014 because he reached a sub combo/train of 400. ** A: Make all your profile settings set to "Public," then after follow the link and trade him. But that ended after him not using the site for betting as much. ** A: Jaryd is partnered with Cyberpower PC (PC sponsorship), Discord (VOIP partnership), Loot Market (partnership), Monster Energy Gaming (sponsorship), Audio Technica (Headset sponsorship) and Corsair Gaming (Keyboard sponsorship).

I am very down to earth and easy going and very humble guy.

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