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Ariella knew it was best to take things slowly, but it was hard to deny her feelings.

“I remember having to tell myself to slow down, like, look, this is still the beginning stage, chill out,” she says.

“When I messaged her, I didn't want it to be a shallow, ‘Hey, what’s up’ message,” says Ariella.

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They both worked in the film industry and had similar hobbies, so Ariella knew she had to make a move.

But Ariella was so worried about making a good impression that she didn’t know how to start a conversation.

” But somehow those six hours weren’t enough — the couple agree that they probably could’ve gone on talking for six more. “We love telling people we met online and always have encouraged our single friends to try it.

In fact, quite a few of our friends have found love online as well,” says Asia.

More online dating sites are focusing on offline group events like happy hours and dances like this one where singles can meet.