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"I was treated like a prisoner," she said."I'm not allowed to talk, I'm not allowed to go out, even throwing out the rubbish."Her passport was taken from her and her movement restricted.

Even on a simple trip to the local shopping centre with her boss's family, Gloria says the wife would escort her and stand guard when she went to the bathroom.

But when she arrived in Canberra to take up her role, she began to get a sense of what was in store."Bad, I don't have a bed the first three days, at least I have a carpet," she said of her living conditions.

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Before the government could act, a litany of neon-lit nightclubs had taken up residence in the degenerating towers.

By the 1980s, Orchard Towers’ entertainment establishments had multiplied, each purveying perfectly legal avenues of release that could not be prosecuted, or so they seemed on the surface.

However she says by speaking out she can give voice to those who lack the freedom to speak for themselves.

Anyone who newly arrives in our city state is very likely to be fascinated by the unusual aesthetic that is Orchard Towers.

When Orchard Towers was built in 1975, it was meant as a retail and office hub.