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Seven sailors were taken hostage in two separate attacks on the vessel around an hour apart, Ms Marsudi added.

The six other crew aboard the boat were left unharmed."The Government will do everything possible to free these hostages," Ms Marsudi told reporters."The safety of these seven Indonesian citizens is our priority."A spokesman for the foreign ministry said he could not confirm whether a ransom demand had been made, or if the Philippine-based Islamic militant group Abu Sayyaf was responsible for the abductions.

Some pubs scraped by through finding staff who were either married to Japanese (for real or otherwise), had legal working status via some other means, abusing tourist visas or simply overstaying illegally, but obviously this put a big crimp on the industry and there aren't that many left.

(Most of the above freely translated from フィリピンパブ on the Japanese Wikipedia.) And yes, foreigners are generally welcome, probably more so than at your average Japanese bar since most Filipinas speak decent English.

She was freed on Friday in Sulu, a southern archipelago known as a hideout of the militants, local police chief Wilfredo Cayat told the AFP news agency.