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Jean Sarkozy, qui avait été au cœur d'une polémique sur l'EPAD, il y a quelques années, où la maigreur de son cursus scolaire avait été pointée du doigt, vient de décrocher à 26...

Jean Sarkozy : Papa pour la deuxième fois Jean Sarkozy s’apprête une nouvelle fois à être papa.

For once, the world's media do not have to pussyfoot around the French law which prohibits invasion into people's private lives.

The happy couple went to Disneyland Paris together at the weekend and posed radiantly for the paparazzi photographers who followed them to the theme park.

They married after he divorced his wife, Justine Lvy, the daughter of a better known French philosopher, Bernard-Henri Lvy. Her first album of songs, Someone Told Me, appeared in the same year to cackles of amusement from the French music press. Mme Bruni's second record, featuring her musical arrangements of the poetry of Emily Dickinson, Dorothy Parker, W H Auden and W B Yeats, appeared earlier this year.