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But did you realize that the same technology can be used to save lives?

Using their cell phones modified as inexpensive microscopes, medical personnel can look at blood smears to help diagnose diseases like malaria and cholera.

A large, highly vascular lymphoid organ, located in the human body to the left of the stomach below the diaphragm, that serves as a reservoir for blood, destroys old red blood cells, and contains lymphocytes that combat blood-borne antigens.1.

Although not everyone on earth has ready access to health-care providers, 80% of the world has cell-phone coverage.

So is there a way to use cell phones to give people living in non-urban areas access to health and testing facilities? Many of us take pictures with our cell phone cameras.

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The cool thing about cell phone microscopes is that you can take a picture of the specimen, save it, and share it with others.