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For those who have an interest in the boats of the Gulf and would like to read more about them, I’d like to recommend a far more authoritiative source which, despite its academic character, contains considerable information about the craft of the region in their context and does much to explain why the naming of craft around the Arabian peninsula is so difficult.

The first two of these three photographs are of groups of boats sitting at dawn in the low water off al-Bida prior to the Corniche road being developed in Doha.

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The third photograph was taken in August 1976 and shows a mixture of traditional craft pulled up onto the side of the fill being used to create the New District of Doha, and before the edge was fully trimmed and the Corniche developed.

The three photographs illustrates something of the manner in which the fishermen of Doha and al-Bida used the shallows to beach their craft when returned from the sea.

In al-Khor, for instance, the fishing fleet often moored in the deeper water of the in order to be able to move out to the fishing grounds more rapidly.

Here the fleet sits out some way from the shore with the beginnings of a storm building to the north.

Doha was the commercial port, Umm Said reserved for the export of oil.