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Located in an old converted mill, it has the relaxed vibes and kick ass provisions to keep you coming back.

All the pastries are made fresh daily and reflect what’s in season (RIP summer, and peach scones). The Waverly and JFX markets on Saturday and Sunday mornings, respectively, have a ton of amazing local vendors with a wide array of foods.

Though not exactly a food on its own, Old Bay is without a doubt the most important condiment in town. There is nothing this powerhouse of a spice can’t do.

No other blend of spices could even dream of having the reputation that Old Bay does in Maryland. $20 30-rack of choice in the great state of Maryland. Boh, the mustachioed mascot, is stamped on just about every surface of Charm City.

There’s nothing better than chowing on a hot dog while watching your favorite baseball team…Oh, unless it’s a hot dog loaded with crab mac and cheese.