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It's sad how many girls fall for this, end up giving some random stranger a completely free show under the guise of mentorship.

Fake Cam Girls - Sometimes members will pretend to be female, or even worse pretend to be a fellow Cam Girl, in order to get in your good graces and get added to your Skype list for free. Most fellow Cam Girls respect one another enough to never ask for a free show of any sort, and there is no reason that a member should get something cheaper or for free just for being female. Historically, most cam girls who have allowed members to send payment (whether it be via the cam site or off-site payments) after the Skype show have regretted it.

If you refer members or other models you will also get percent.

One of the best community in webcam modeling industry.

There are a few bad apples on Twitter that will tarnish your name within the cam girl community if you associate with them.

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