Parents that forbid interracial dating lates dating site in us

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Alice, My question is about interracial relationships.

I came here from a really small town, very conservative — well, you get the idea. He treats me wonderfully but I still get odd looks from people and my parents really don't approve.

My mom still asks me when I'm going to marry my best friend, but I don't want to.

Well, I kind of don't really listen to my mom anyways and most of the things she says I just tone out completely, and since I don't really get along with Korean girls at all... But then again, I think my mom would rather become a grandmother one day so she can have a baby to play with than to have her son die all alone, since the chance of me marrying a Korean girl are about the same as getting struck by lightning, twice.

Dear Reader, It's great that you've found a partner who you love and treats you well!