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When it comes to talking about teen sex, both teens and parents report high levels of communication.

Parents, however, tend to perceive a greater level of communication than do teens.

Sexual activity at an early age may also affect marital and economic stability later in life.

Among women in their thirties, those who were sexually active during early adolescence are half as likely to be in stable marriages as those who waited until their early twenties to have sex.[8] Early sexual activity is also linked to maternal poverty.

At the time of a large national survey in 1995, nearly 30 percent of mothers who began sexual activity at ages 13 or 14 lived in poverty compared to 12 percent of those who waited until their early twenties.[9] Parental Influence and Teen Sex Many policymakers, health professionals, and "safe sex" advocates respond to these troubling statistics by demanding more comprehensive sex education and broader access to contraceptives for minors.