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Paleomagnetic data from sediments complement the wealth of data from archeological and volcanic materials covering the same period already stored within the GEOMAGIA50 database (Brown et al. Paleomagnetic data from sediments are therefore essential to our understanding of the temporal and spatial evolution of the geomagnetic field over longer time scales.

The period between 50 ka and the present contains a wealth of geomagnetic variability that we understand only in part.

Sediments deposited over this time have the advantage of being within the limits of radiocarbon dating, as well as being suitable for dating by other chronological methods (e.g., The power spectrum of geomagnetic dipole moment variations allows us to investigate the time necessary to average the geomagnetic field to obtain a stable time-average (if this exists).

However, it is common that data will be given on a composite depth scale (the depth after corrections or correlations).

The database accommodates both depth types with separate entries.

GEOMAGIA50.v3 for sediments is a comprehensive online database providing access to published paleomagnetic, rock magnetic, and chronological data obtained from lake and marine sediments deposited over the past 50 ka.