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This adds a Controller class to the folder, with empty actions for Index(), Details(), Create(), Edit() and Delete().

This will be the main controller for all our CRUD operations.

The tweets have a many to many relationship with Hashtags, as a Tweet can have zero or more Hashtags, and a Hashtag may appear in more than one Tweet. We create the two interfaces as shown below in the Models folder of our project.

IUser The IUser interface represents a user on Twitter, with simple string properties for the username, bio (profile text) and date of registration. IDinner.cs: By default, Brightstar DB identifier properties are automatically generated URIs that are automatically.

The same hashtag may appear in more than one tweet, and so the collection of Tweets is marked with the ‘Inverse Property’ attribute to show that it is the other end of the collection of Hash Tags in the ITweet interface: var trevor = context. We can also add other attributes such as those from the namespace to provide additional hints for the MVC framework such as marking a property as required, providing an alternative display name for forms or specifying the way in which a property should be rendered.