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Instead, if you have known customers who target a certain gender on your website, automatically have them transferred to the gender they do not prefer.In Tagove’s experience, male customer service agents have never had to deal with blatant inappropriate behavior from customers, while female agents have.This affects your customer service representatives as well, as the majority of agents are women aged 20-25.

65% of the people surveyed who said yes to receive online harassment were in this age group. Women who are 18-24 have higher levels of more severe forms of harassment.

26% report have been stalked, while 25% experienced sexual harassment.

When customers exhibit these types of behaviors important to remember that at a certain point your employee’s well-being is more important than one customer who has already proven they are not on your site to receive actual help.

Sometimes inappropriate behavior from customers can be remedied and a customer can still receive help.

With technological advancements like live chat, and video chat, this is an issue that no longer just applies in-person harassment, but online harassment as well.