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The most clever of the gang might write an email that is personal and well-thought out.

A dummy in the group will send an email that is rushed, has a business-like tone and just focuses on answering questions from your previous email attempting to dampen your suspicions.

In fact, if your email correspondence degenerates into an exchange of Q&As and there is no more ‘conversation,’ you are most likely dealing with a scammer.

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If a target is foolhardy enough to fly to Ghana to meet his cyber-lover, he will find himself robbed and beaten to a pulp. Or their graphic sexual dialogue is particularly clumsy (i.e.

The target will not even be able to report the crime to the police, because the very fact that he is gay makes him a criminal in the eyes of the law. “Me like to suck.”) The scammers are often arrogant in their ignorance and have a homophobic contempt for gay men.

Here’s a distinction between the two categories I previously mentioned.

If you’re horny and foolhardy enough to want to fly the lad to your hometown, see if he’ll accept a pre-paid ticket that is not transferable and non-refundable except to the purchaser.

There are tidbits of into on a few of these sites for homosexuals but gay romance scams are not even a sub-sect on the web.